Family Law


Family law encompasses a broad range of family-related issues, such as divorce, child custody, child visitation, adoption and paternity actions. Often these types of issues that arise in the family are emotionally charged. The Law Firm of Henry S. Clapper works closely with their clients to help make the surrounding legal processes as smooth as possible. Attorney Henry Clapper lets his clients know all of their legal options and provides effective and practical solutions. He’s committed to working in your best interest and the family’s best interests.

Alternative Resolution Processes for Divorce and Child-Related Issues

Attorney Henry Clapper is a strong advocate of alternative resolution strategies instead of first heading to the courtroom. These strategies include mediation or arbitration. All around, mediation and arbitration are more cost-effective, less adversarial and less time consuming when compared to going to court. These resolution strategies are led by a neutral third party who helps facilitate communication between spouses by identifying the issues and solutions. Both processes entail a series of meetings. Henry S. Clapper and his staff help his clients prep for these meetings and carefully reviews any proposed agreements before signing. If for any reason an agreement cannot be achieved, he’s prepared to battle it out in the courtroom. He’s a strong litigator in the courtroom.

Adoption and Paternity Actions: The Law Firm of Clapper

The process of Adoption is complex, but the rewards of growing your family are immeasurable.  Whether you adopt privately or through a public agency, the adoption process requires a particular set of skills and knowledge to protect your rights as an adoptive parent or as a parent who has made the difficult decision to place their child for adoption.  Henry Clapper will ensure that all the paperwork is filed properly. He will also advise you of your options, such as biological parent involvement.

Paternity actions are often filed to ensure that the child’s rights are protected. This entails a DNA test to establish the identity of the biological father, and a legal process to determine custody, child support and visitation. After paternity is established, the father may be ordered to pay child support and also may establish visitation rights to the child.

If you’re facing a family-related issue, turn the Law Firm of Henry S. Clapper for the best counsel. They will take the time to listen to your individual circumstances and provide a legal solution that meets your needs. Let their experience and strong legal skills work for you.

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