Practice Areas

Estate Planning and Probate

When it comes to estate planning, it’s never too early to start. Getting your house in order with wills or trusts will ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes in the event of your death. It’ll give you and your loved ones peace of mind. And if the estate should go through the probate process, the Law Firm of Henry S. Clapper can help.
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Family Law

Family law encompasses a broad range of family-related issues, such as divorce, child custody, child visitation, adoption and paternity actions. Often these types of issues that arise in the family are emotionally charged. The Law Firm of Henry S. Clapper works closely with their clients to help make the surrounding legal processes as smooth as possible.
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Personal Injury

Whether it takes place on the road or off, negligence and reckless behavior can have lasting physical, emotional and financial repercussions for a variety of innocent individuals. Henry Clapper understands the devastation experienced by the victims of personal injury. He works tirelessly to help them secure the justice and compensation they deserve.
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