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Attorney Henry Clapper has a general practice law firm and handles divorce, estate planning and personal injury cases. Since 1969, the Law Firm of Clapper has been providing clients with the best legal advice and representation. This law firm is well known for its in-depth knowledge of law, integrity, professionalism with a personalized touch and track record of success.

Personal Injury Cases: Attorney Henry Clapper

From car accidents to medical malpractice, attorney Henry Clapper has handled many types of personal injury cases. When you meet with attorney Clapper, he takes the time and listens to your circumstances. He’s completely transparent as to whether or not your case has merit. When attorney Henry Clapper takes a personal injury case, his goal is to maximize his clients’ award. The Law Firm of Clapper does a thorough investigation, including taking photos, interviewing witnesses and gathering medical documents. With proven negligence, many of these cases are settled before even going to court. However, if the defendants are stubborn and don’t want to offer a fair settlement, he’s prepared to fight it out in court.

Estate Planning and Probate: The Law Firm of Clapper

Turn to the Law Firm of Clapper for all of your estate planning needs. This law firm listens to your needs and wants and lets you know what type of will or trust is best for your situation. Plus, attorney Henry Clapper can assist with the probate process. He helps distribute the decedent’s assets, assists with preparing taxes and helps resolve disputes that may arise among beneficiaries or heirs. And if for any reason the will is contested, he can represent you and your interests.

Divorce and Child-Related Issues

Today, many divorce and child-related issues are settled through arbitration or mediation. These non-adversarial processes are less costly and time consuming when compared to going to court. Get legal advice and preparation for the meetings involved with arbitration or mediation with the Law Firm of Clapper. This law firm is very detailed oriented and client-centric. They will carefully review any agreement before you sign to ensure that your rights are protected and to avoid potential problems down the road.

If you’ve incurred a personal injury due to the negligence of another, need legal help with estate planning or are facing family-related issues, such as divorce or child custody, turn to the Law Firm of Clapper for the best legal assistance.

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